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SHAWN C. BUGBEE, ESQ.         Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense

Have you been charged with a crime? Defending a criminal charge begins with early intervention, so getting effective representation from the outset is extremely important, because waiting too long to respond can cost you your license or ability to negotiate with the prosecutor.


Mr. Bugbee strongly believes that every citizen is entitled to the protection of their Constitutional and civil rights.  As a soldier Mr. Bugbee swore an oath to uphold and defend those rights, and Mr. Bugbee took another oath to do the same when he became an attorney.


Every person accused of a crime deserves to have their Constitutional rights protected and defended. This is Mr. Bugbee’s personal belief, and it is reflected in his calling to practice as a criminal defense attorney.


Mr. Bugbee’s practice has taken him all over the state of Georgia, and he has handled cases spanning the entire criminal offense spectrum, from simple traffic tickets to homicides, along with both bench trials and jury trials.


If you want an attorney dedicated to the zealous defense of your rights contact Mr. Bugbee regarding your case.

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