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Family Law

Family law regulates the legal relationships of people who are connected to each other by marriage, civil unions, family and relations, or where there is a custodianship, trusteeship or legal guardianship in place. 


Are you having legal issues regarding marriage, adoption, divorce or seeking custody of your children? Mr. Bugbee focuses much of his practice on family law, so he can guide you through the challenges you face, no matter what they are. Mr. Bugbee can help to ensure that in the event of a divorce, your legal rights remain secure.

Divorces/Legal Separations

Mr. Bugbee is a trained litigator who will employ every technique available to negotiate a settlement on your behalf or take your case to trial in the event that the settlement you want is not reached. If the parties are in agreement, then Mr. Bugbee is happy to assist you in filing your action and completing all of the necessary paperwork to quickly and efficiently resolve your case.


Paternity and Legitimation

Mr. Bugbee has assisted numerous parents with the process of establishing paternity and, frequently, with the court procedures required for a father to legitimate his child.


Child Custody Disputes

Mr. Bugbee's experience as a guardian ad litem in both juvenile and superior courts makes him uniquely qualified to assist you in your custody dispute. Mr. Bugbee has working relationships with many of the local area experts and has litigated a large number of custody cases, acting as both the guardian ad litem, making recommendations to the judge regarding the final custody arrangements, and also as the attorney for a parent seeking to modify an unfair or outdated custody arrangement.


Child Support Modification

After a divorce is over, life doesn't stop. People can change jobs, lose jobs, or, if they are really lucky, win the lottery. Each of these things can have a profound impact upon the income of the parties and can lead to a need to change an old child support order to reflect changes in income or financial circumstances.


Contempt Actions/Enforcement of Judgments & Orders

If you have a court order that says one thing, and your ex-spouse is doing another, for example, not paying child support on time or not allowing you to see your children, then you have rights to enforce that order. You can ask the court to make your ex do what is ordered, and, sometimes, the court will award you attorneys fees for having to take your ex to court.


Legal Guardianships

Mr. Bugbee can help smooth the process of getting a legal guardianship, whether for a child or an incapacitated adult. The process can be complex and hard to understand, and with the assistance of someone familiar with the procedures, it can be handled both more quickly and with less stress.


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