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Juvenile Law

Delinquency Cases

In Georgia, Juvenile Courts are very different from adult courts because of their unique rules and procedures. For example, juveniles are not entitled to a jury trial, but rather are tried before a judge. Penalties relating to juvenile offenses can vary. Depending on the severity of the offense, the juvenile may be placed in juvenile detention, or have their case sent to adult Court.

Mr. Bugbee works to ensure the legal rights of all minors are protected. His knowledge of juvenile law allows him to work with your family to help you understand and repair the underlying problem, not just deal with the current delinquency charges. Mr. Bugbee is very familiar with the alternatives to prosecution. He evaluates the circumstances of each case, keeping his client's freedom as his first priority.


Dependency Cases

Georgia's Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) investigates families when they receive reports of dependency or abuse. Through the Juvenile Court, DFCS can remove children from a home and place them in foster homes or sometimes with other family members. Sadly, this process can often cause long-lasting damage to the family and the children involved.  Mr. Bugbee has significant experience in dealing with DFCS cases, both as a Guardian ad Litem representing children and as an attorney representing a parent or other family member involved in the case.  Mr. Bugbee’s familiarity with Juvenile Court proceedings allows him to guide parents or family members on the path of reunification with their children under the auspices of the Court.



Indian Child Welfare Act Cases

Georgia’s Juvenile Courts occasionally have cases involving Native American children.  These cases fall under Federal, rather than State, Laws.  The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) governs such cases, and is an area of law that many attorneys are never exposed to.  Mr. Bugbee has handled several ICWA cases in the State of Georgia, representing parents of Native American children as well as advising the Court on ICWA procedures.  If you are a member of federally-recognized tribe and your children have been taken by the Department of Family and Children Services it is vital that you retain an attorney that is familiar with the federal laws governing such cases.  Mr. Bugbee can ensure that your children’s heritage is protected and demand that DFCS and the Court follow the applicable Federal statutes.

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